Developing advanced therapies and treatments utilizing the latest research and technologies to improve outcomes for children and their families.

Pipelining Therapies

A Faster Approach using existing research, artificial intelligence, licensing agreements, and process automation we hope to deliver rapid orphan drug therapies.

A Holistic Solution

At Arcadia Therapeutics, we thrive to integrate testing, supplementation, therapies, and technology to produce the best possible results for families.*

Research Focused

Our principal aim is to help children who are suffering from pathology caused by deficiencies or undiagnosed infections. We intend on building a suite of testing panels that will help us to quickly determine a child’s principal issue and help to develop strategies to resolve them.*

Personalization of therapies has been a goal of medicine for a long time, we hope that we can deliver this through advanced testing and technology. It is our goal to ensure any therapies that are produced are also commercially viable so that we can continue to grow our ecosystem of therapies for those in need.*

Present Areas of Investigation

PANDAS Syndrome: Dr. Chris Spiekerman, one of the world’s leading expert on PANDAS syndrome and our organizations Medical Director is focusing his efforts on the development of  several novel therapies for treating PANDAS. It is our intent to initiate several phase 1 clinical trials with the FDA to investigate the safety and efficacy of these therapies.*

Advanced Colic Testing: We have found in our research that Colic in some cases may be due to pathological overgrowth of bacteria in the gut causing adverse outcomes for infants. We are in the process of developing a Colic testing panel for infants to help identify these overgrowths early and effectively.* 

Autism Supplementation: Through the utilization of blood testing the research has found that some children who suffer from Autism and other neurological disorders can benefits from certain supplementation blends. We are working with partners to exploit this research and deliver this nutrients in an easy to administer format.*

cerecell ac2

Cerecell AC2 Enhanced Nutritional Supplementation

Based on a double blind study performed by Arizona State University, positive results were seen for children with autism who received specific vitamin supplementation. Cerecell AC2 Enhanced Nutritional Supplementation attempts to provide similar nutritional supplementation in a highly palatable solution that can be given to children who have difficulties consuming supplements.*

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Comprehensive Testing Panels

Testing panels specifically for children with Pandas Syndrome that will reduce the overall number of blood draws needed to identify the best course of treatment. We are also working on similar testing Panels for children with Autism for vitamin supplementation.*

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