Our Team


Al Katawazi

Chief Executive Officer

Father of two children with autism and another child with CPVT, he is dedicated to developing real life therapies and cures that will help children today. Al is a graduate of the Cornell Industrial Labor Relations School, the Rochester Institute of Technology, and the State University of New York with multiple interdisciplinary degrees. He is also an international best selling author in the field of computer science and has worked heavily in the field of genomics and bioinformatics. At Arcadia Therapeutics Al is working to integrate Ai into the drug development pipeline to produce novel therapies using already approved drugs in unique ways. 

Chris Spiekerman, DO, FAAP

Medical Director

Dr. Christopher Spiekerman has dedicated his career to pediatric care, specializing in the often underdiagnosed or misdiagnosed condition of Autoimmune Encephalopathy since 2001. His unwavering commitment to enhancing healthcare protocols for children and pioneering innovative therapies is exemplified through his role at Arcadia Therapeutics. Dr. Spiekerman is an alumnus of the University of Colorado and Western University of Health Sciences, where his excellence in the field earned him the title of Pediatric ER Resident of the Year during his residency.

In collaboration with the University of Arizona, Dr. Spiekerman played a pivotal role in shaping the National Protocol used for treatment standards across the seven C.P.A.E. Centers of Excellence. Nationally renowned, he has lectured at esteemed institutions such as A.T.S.U, Oklahoma State University, and the Arizona Osteopathic Association, covering diverse topics ranging from PANDAS, psychiatric medications for children with autism, long Covid, PCR testing, to groundbreaking therapies for children with autism.

Curtis Bay, PhD

Chief Science Officer

Curt Bay Phd. Professor Biostatistics, Department of Interdisciplinary Health Sciences, Chair, Institutional Review Board, A.T.S.U. Mesa, AZ. Dr. Bay brings his expertise in statistical analysis, design methodology, evidence based medicine, and human subjects research to Arcadia Pediatrics Consulting. Dr. Bay has helped to author 197 articles, works actively with the medical students at ATSU, and is widely accepted to be the best researcher at any of the Osteopathic Medical Schools. Dr. Bay lives in Tempe, Arizona.

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